Class Specialization
Stores gaps anchors of the first characters behind gaps.
Gaps<TSource, AnchorGaps<TGapAnchors> >
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Type of the ungapped sequence.
Metafunctions: Source
Type of the sequence of gap anchors, e.g. a string of Class.GapAnchor.
Specialization of
GetSourceThe type returned by the source function. (Gaps)
GetValueType for reading values. (Gaps)
IteratorType of iterator objects that are used to traverse the container. (Gaps)
PositionType of an object that represents a position in a container. (Gaps)
ReferenceReference type. (Gaps)
SourceThe underlying sequence for alignments or gaps data structures. (Gaps)
SpecThe spec of a class. (Gaps)
ValueType of the items in the container. (Gaps)
assignSourceAssigns the source to a new value. (Gaps)
beginThe begin of a container. (Gaps)
clearGapsRemove blanks from a gapped sequence. (Gaps)
clippedBeginPositionBegin position of the source segment. (Gaps)
clippedEndPositionPosition of the end of the source segment. (Gaps)
countCharactersCount characters at a specific position in a gapped sequence. (Gaps)
countGapsCount blanks at a specific position in a gapped sequence. (Gaps)
createSourceCreates a new source. (Gaps)
dependentSourceTest if object depends from it's source. (Gaps)
detachMakes an object independent from other objects. (Gaps)
emptySourceTest if there is a source. (Gaps)
endThe end of a container. (Gaps)
getValueAccess to the value. (Gaps)
idA value that identifies the underlying sequence. (Gaps)
insertGapInsert one blank into a gapped sequence. (Gaps)
insertGapsInsert blanks into a gapped sequence. (Gaps)
isGapTest a gapped sequence for gaps at a specific position. (Gaps)
lengthThe number of items/characters. (Gaps)
lengthThe number of items/characters. (Gaps)
moveSourceMoves the source to a new value. (Gaps)
removeGapRemoves one blank from a gapped sequence. (Gaps)
removeGapsRemoves blanks from a gapped sequence. (Gaps)
setSourceLet an external object be the source. (Gaps)
sourceThe source of an object. (Gaps)
sourceBeginBegin of the source segment. (Gaps)
sourceEndEnd of the source segment. (Gaps)
sourceLengthLength of the source. (Gaps)
sourceSegmentThe used part of the source. (Gaps)
toSourcePositionTransforms view to source position, if the view position is a gap, the original position of the next non-gap entry is returned. (Gaps)
toViewPositionTransforms source to view position. (Gaps)
valueReference to the value. (Gaps)
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