Class Specialization
Splits a large file into a chain of smaller files.
File<Chained<FileSize, TFile> >
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The maximal split file size in byte.
Default: 2^31-1 (~2GB)
Underlying File type.
Default: File<>, see File.
This file type uses a chain of TFile files, whose file sizes are at most FileSize bytes. Chained Files should be used for file systems or TFile types that don't support large files (e.g. FAT32, C-style FILE*).
The chain can be used as if it were one contiguous file.
Specialization of
asyncReadAtAsynchronously loads records from a specific position in a file. (File)
asyncWriteAtAsynchronously saves records to a specific position in a file. (File)
cancelCancels an asynchronous request. (File)
closeCloses a file. (File)
flushWaits for all open requests to complete. (File)
openOpens a file. (File)
openTempOpens a temporary file. (File)
readLoads records from a file. (File)
readAtLoads records from a specific position in a file. (File)
resizeResizes a container. If the new length exceeds the old length the new elements are filled with copies of value. (File)
rewindSets the current file pointer to the beginning. (File)
seekChanges the current file pointer. (File)
setEofSets the file end to the current pointer. (File)
sizeGets the file size. (File)
tellGets the current file pointer. (File)
writeSaves records to a file. (File)
writeAtSaves records to a specific position in a file. (File)
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