Contains preprocessing data of a fixed text. Allows fast dictionary look-up and advanced computations.
Index<TText[, TSpec]>
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The text type.
Metafunctions: Host
The index type.
Metafunctions: Spec
Default: The result of DefaultIndexSpec
An index contains various arrays or objects, also called fibres (see Fibre).
These fibres are created on demand depending on the requirements of an algorithm.
FMIndexAn index based on the Burrows-Wheeler transform.
IndexEsaAn index based on an enhanced suffix array.
IndexQGramAn index based on an array of sorted q-grams.
IndexSaAn index based on a suffix array.
IndexWotdAn index based on a lazy suffix tree (see Giegerich et al., "Efficient implementation of lazy suffix trees").
Pizza & Chili IndexAn adapter for the Pizza & Chili index API.
FibreType of a specific container member (fibre).
SAValueThe default alphabet type of a suffix array, i.e. the type to store a position of a string or string set.
beginThe begin of a container.
clearResets an object.
countSequencesReturn the number of sequences in an index' underlying text.
endThe end of a container.
getFibreReturns a specific fibre of a container.
indexCreateCreates a specific Fibre.
indexRequireOn-demand creation of a specific Fibre.
indexSuppliedReturns whether a specific Fibre is present.
lengthThe number of items/characters.
setHaystackSets the haystack of a Finder object.
SeqAn - Sequence Analysis Library -

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