Class Specialization
The Deferred Frequency Index (see Weese and Schulz, "Efficient string mining under constraints via the deferred frequency index").
Index<TText, IndexWotd< Dfi<TPredHull, TPred> > >
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The text type.
Types: String
An arbitrary frequency predicate
A monotonic hull of TPred
This index is based on a lazy suffix tree (see IndexWotd). All TPredHull sufficing nodes can be iterated using a TopDown Iterator. To iterate the exact solution set of TPred, use a Spec.TopDownHistory Iterator of this index.
Specialization of
FibreType of a specific container member (fibre). (Index)
SAValueThe default alphabet type of a suffix array, i.e. the type to store a position of a string or string set. (Index)
VertexDescriptorType of an object that represents a vertex descriptor. (IndexWotd)
beginThe begin of a container. (Index)
clearResets an object. (Index)
countSequencesReturn the number of sequences in an index' underlying text. (Index)
endThe end of a container. (Index)
getFibreReturns a specific fibre of a container. (Index)
indexCreateCreates a specific Fibre. (Index)
indexRequireOn-demand creation of a specific Fibre. (Index)
indexSuppliedReturns whether a specific Fibre is present. (Index)
lengthThe number of items/characters. (Index)
resizeVertexMapInitializes a vertex map. (IndexWotd)
setHaystackSets the haystack of a Finder object. (Index)
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