Class Specialization
Mirrors the characters from begin to end.
ModifiedIterator<THost, ModReverse>
ModifiedString<THost, ModReverse>
Include Headers
Original string/iterator.
HostType of the object a given object depends on. (ModifiedString)
IsSequenceDetermines whether a container stores its elements in sequential order. (ModifiedString)
IteratorType of iterator objects that are used to traverse the container. (ModifiedString)
SizeType of an object that is suitable to hold size information. (ModifiedString)
assignValueAssigns value to item. (ContainerConcept)
backThe last item in container. (ContainerConcept)
beginThe begin of a container. (ContainerConcept)
beginPositionBegin position of object in host. (ContainerConcept)
differenceThe difference between two iterators. (RandomAccessIteratorConcept)
endThe end of a container. (ContainerConcept)
endPositionEnd position of object in host. (ContainerConcept)
frontThe first item in container. (ContainerConcept)
getValueAccess to the value. (IteratorAssociatedTypesConcept)
goFurtherIterates some steps further. (RandomAccessIteratorConcept)
goNextIterates to next position. (ForwardIteratorConcept)
goPreviousIterates to pevious position. (BidirectionalIteratorConcept)
lengthThe number of items/characters. (ContainerConcept)
moveValueAssigns value to item. (ContainerConcept)
positionPosition of an iterator. (ContainerConcept)
valueReference to the value. (IteratorAssociatedTypesConcept)
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