Represents an annotation of a contig feature.
AnnotationStoreElement<TPos[, TSpec]>
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Type to store (gap-space) positions.
The specialization type.
Default: void
Value type of the annotationStore string. The id of an annotation (aka annotationId) is not stored explicitly, as it is implicitly given by the position in the annotationStore.
TIdType of annotationId and contigId.
TPosType of the beginPos and endPos members.
TValuesStringSet type of the values member.
Data Members
beginPosBegin position of the annotation in gap-space.
contigIdRefers to the contig in the contigStore the annotation is part of.
endPosEnd position of the annotation in gap-space. If endPos < beginPos, the annotated feature is located on the reverse strand, where beginPos and endPos are the corresponding positions on the forward strand.
INVALID_IDConstant to represent an invalid id.
INVALID_POSConstant to represent an invalid position.
lastChildIdThe id of the rightmost child annotation.
nextSiblingIdThe id of the right sibling annotation.
parentIdThe id of the parent annotation.
typeIdRefers to an entry in the annotationTypeStore. There are some type ids predefined for commonly used types, e.g. ANNO_GENE. See Predefined Annotation Types.
valuesStringSet that stores additional annotation values addressed by keyId. The GFF/GTF file format allows to define user-specific key-value pairs. The set of all keys addressed by keyId are stored in the annotationKeyStore.
Member Functions
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