The prefix-sum table is a data structure which stores for each character the number of smaller lexicographic smaller characters in a given text.
PrefixSumTable<TChar, TSpec>
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The character type
A specialisation tag.
Default: void
createPrefixSumTableCreates the prefix sum table
getAlphabetSizeReturns the number of different characters in the prefix sum table.
getCharacterReturns the character of a given position within the prefix sum table.
getCharacterPositionReturns the position of a given character within the prefix sum table.
getFibreReturns a specific fibre of a prefix-sum table.
getValueReturns the prefix sum of a given position.
openThis functions loads a prefix-sum table from disk.
prefixSumReturns a reference to the entry of the prefix sum table of a given position.
resizeResize the prefix sum table to be able to store more or less characters.
saveThis functions saves a prefix-sum table to disk.
setPrefixSumReturns a reference to the entry of the prefix-sum table of a given position.
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