Concept for mutable containers.
Concept Definition
Required Metafunctions
DefaultGetIteratorSpecSpecifies default kind of iterator returned by functions.
DefaultIteratorSpecSpecifies default kind of iterator.
IteratorType of iterator objects that are used to traverse the container.
Required Functions
appendConcatenate two containers.
appendValueAppends a value to a container.
assignAssigns one object to another object. (AssignableConcept)
assignValueAssigns value to item.
atBeginDetermines whether an iterator is at the beginning position.
atEndDetermines whether an iterator is at the end position.
backThe last item in container.
capacityThe maximal length.
computeGenerousCapacityCapacity for generous expansion.
emptyTest a container for being empty.
endThe end of a container.
endPositionEnd position of object in host.
eraseErases a part of a container
eraseBackDeletes the last item of a container and reduces its size by 1. The container must have a size greater than or equal to 1.
frontThe first item in container.
getValueAccess to the value.
insertInserts a sequence into a container.
insertValueInserts a single value into a container.
lengthThe number of items/characters.
moveValueAssigns value to item.
operator=C++ built-in Assignment operator. (AssignableConcept)
positionPosition of an iterator.
replaceReplaces a part of a container with another container.
reserveIncreases the capacity.
resizeResizes a container. If the new length exceeds the old length the new elements are filled with copies of value.
resizeSpaceMakes free space in container
shrinkToFitResizes container to minimum capacity
valueReference to the value.
SequenceConceptConcept for sequences.
Include Headers
Implemented by
GapsEfficient storage of gaps for a sequence. (SequenceConcept)
ModifiedStringAllows to modify arbitrary strings by specializing what differs from an origin.
StringA sequence container with generic alphabet and many specializations.
DefaultIteratorSpecSpecifies default kind of iterator.
getKmerSimilarityMatrixCreates a matrix storing the number of common q-grams between all pairs of sequences.
goBeginIterates to the first position of a container.
goEndIterates to the last position of a container.
reverseReverse an object/container in-place.
shrinkToFitResizes container to minimum capacity
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