A type with a copy-constructor.
Concept Definition
AlphabetConceptNatural container value.
BasicOutputIteratorConceptIterator that allows dereferenced writing.
ContainerConceptConcept for mutable containers.
InputIteratorConceptIterator that allows dereferenced reading.
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Implemented by
AnnotationTree IteratorIterator of the annotation tree represented by a FragmentStore. (RootedIteratorConcept)
BottomUp IteratorIterator for an efficient postorder depth-first search in a suffix tree. (ForwardIteratorConcept)
Dna5QAlphabet for DNA plus PHRED quality including 'N' character. (AlphabetWithQualitiesConcept)
DnaQAlphabet for DNA plus PHRED quality. (AlphabetWithQualitiesConcept)
GapsEfficient storage of gaps for a sequence. (SequenceConcept)
ModifiedIteratorAllows to modify arbitrary iterators by specializing what differs from an origin. (RandomAccessIteratorConcept)
ModifiedStringAllows to modify arbitrary strings by specializing what differs from an origin. (ContainerConcept)
SimpleTypeImplementation for "simple" types. (FiniteOrderedAlphabetConcept)
StringA sequence container with generic alphabet and many specializations. (ContainerConcept)
TopDownHistory IteratorString tree iterator that can go down, right, and up. Supports depth-first search. (ForwardIteratorConcept)
Valid expressions:
T a(b);  // b is of type T
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