Requires metafunctions for the associated types used in the iterator concepts.
Concept Definition
Required Metafunctions
DifferenceType of an object that stores the difference between two iterators.
GetValueType for reading values.
PointerReturns pointer to an object, required for operator->, for example.
ReferenceReference type.
ValueType of the items in the container or behind an iterator.
BasicOutputIteratorConceptIterator that allows dereferenced writing.
InputIteratorConceptIterator that allows dereferenced reading.
Include Headers
The SeqAn iterators mirror the definitions from ConceptC++.
Implemented by
AnnotationTree IteratorIterator of the annotation tree represented by a FragmentStore. (RootedIteratorConcept)
BottomUp IteratorIterator for an efficient postorder depth-first search in a suffix tree. (ForwardIteratorConcept)
IterIterator that is used to traverse containers.
ModifiedIteratorAllows to modify arbitrary iterators by specializing what differs from an origin. (RandomAccessIteratorConcept)
TopDownHistory IteratorString tree iterator that can go down, right, and up. Supports depth-first search. (ForwardIteratorConcept)
Used By Function
SeqAn - Sequence Analysis Library -

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