An integral type without a sign.
Concept Definition
Required Functions
operator>C++ built-in greater-than comparison operator. (ComparableConcept)
operator>=C++ built-in greather-than-or-equal comparison operator. (ComparableConcept)
operator<C++ built-in less-than comparison operator. (LessThanComparableConcept)
operator<=C++ built-in less-than-or-equal comparison operator. (ComparableConcept)
Include Headers
Expects an instance of type T to represent non-negative integral values and to provide the same operations as unsigned int. Every type T that fulfills the IntegerConcept fulfills either the SignedIntegerConcept or the UnsignedIntegerConcept.
appendValueAppends a value to a container.
createCompressedSaThis functions creates a compressed suffix array with a specified compression factor.
getCharacterReturns the character of a given position within the prefix sum table.
getValueReturns the prefix sum of a given position.
prefixSumReturns a reference to the entry of the prefix sum table of a given position.
resizeResize the prefix sum table to be able to store more or less characters.
sentinelPositionReturns whether a specified position is a sentinel position.
setPrefixSumReturns a reference to the entry of the prefix-sum table of a given position.
toSuffixPositionThis function computes the position of a specified position in the suffix array (additionally containing entries for the sentinels. The returned position correspond to the suffix array of the original text without sentinels.
valueReturns the value stored at a specified position in the compressed suffix-array.
//SEQAN_CONCEPT_ASSERT((UnsignedIntegerConcept<int>));                          // fails to compile
SEQAN_CONCEPT_ASSERT((UnsignedIntegerConcept<unsigned short>));
std::cout << Is<UnsignedIntegerConcept<char> >::VALUE << std::endl;             // 0
std::cout << Is<UnsignedIntegerConcept<int> >::VALUE << std::endl;              // 0
std::cout << Is<UnsignedIntegerConcept<unsigned short> >::VALUE << std::endl;   // 1
std::cout << Is<UnsignedIntegerConcept<double> >::VALUE << std::endl;           // 0
Valid expressions:
T a;
unsigned int b;
a = 1u;
b = a;
std::cout << static_cast<T>(0) < static_cast<T>(-1) << std::endl;  // 1
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