Class Specialization
Adaptor Iterator
Adapts iterators to RootedIteratorConcept.
Iter<TContainer, AdaptorIterator<TIterator [, TSpec]> >
Include Headers
Type of the container that can be iterated by TIterator.
Remarks: Use Container to get the container type for a given iterator.
Type of the iterator that is adapted to RootedIteratorConcept.
Adaptor iterators can implicitly converted to TIterator.
Specialization of
ContainerType of the container given an iterator. (Iter)
DifferenceType of an object that stores the difference between two iterators. (Iter)
GetValueType for reading values. (Iter)
IteratorType of iterator objects that are used to traverse the container. (Iter)
PositionType of an object that represents a position in a container. (Iter)
ReferenceReference type. (Iter)
SpecThe spec of a class. (Iter)
ValueType of the items in the container or behind an iterator. (Iter)
Member Functions
assignValueAssigns value to item. (Iter)
atBeginDetermines whether an iterator is at the beginning position. (Iter)
atEndDetermines whether an iterator is at the end position. (Iter)
atEndOfSequenceReturns true if the iterator is at the end of a sequence. (Iter)
containerContainer of an iterator. (Iter)
differenceThe difference between two iterators. (Iter)
getValueAccess to the value. (Iter)
goBeginIterates to the first position of a container. (Iter)
goEndIterates to the last position of a container. (Iter)
goFurtherIterates some steps further. (Iter)
goNextIterates to next position. (Iter)
goPreviousIterates to pevious position. (Iter)
hostIteratorReturn host iterator.
moveValueAssigns value to item. (Iter)
positionPosition of an iterator.
setContainerSet container of an adaptor iterator.
setPositionSets the position of a finder.
valueReference to the value. (Iter)
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