Class Specialization
Bed12 BedRecord
BedRecord with 12 fields.
This BedRecord specialization stores all fields of a BED file.
class BedRecord<Bed12>
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Specialization of
Data Members
beginPositionBegin position on the reference. (BedRecord)
blockBeginsThe begin positions of the blocks (Alloc String of __int32).
blockCountThe number of blocks.
blockSizesThe sizes of the blocks (Alloc String of __int32).
dataAny data after the last position. (BedRecord)
endPositionEnd position on the reference. (BedRecord)
INVALID_POSConstant for invalid positions. (BedRecord)
INVALID_REFIDConstant for invalid references. (BedRecord)
itemRgbRGB color of item (BedRgb).
nameThe name of the interval (CharString). (Bed4 BedRecord)
refName of the interval's reference (CharString). (BedRecord)
rIDNumeric id of the interval's reference (__int32, defaults to INVALID_REFID). (BedRecord)
scoreThe score of the interval (stored as CharString to allow more flexible annotation). (Bed5 BedRecord)
strandThe strand of the interval (stored as char, one of ., '-', and +). (Bed6 BedRecord)
thickBeginThe begin position of thick drawing (__int32).
thickEndThe end position of thick drawing (__int32).
Member Functions
BedRecordConstructor. (BedRecord)
clearReset BED record to state after default initialization. (BedRecord)
readRecordRead a record from a BedStream (BedRecord)
writeRecordWrite a record to a BedStream (BedRecord)
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