Class Specialization
Bed5 BedRecord
BedRecord with 5 fields.
This BedRecord specialization stores the first five fields (ref, beginPos, endPos, name, score) of a BED file.
class BedRecord<Bed5>
Include Headers
Specialization of
Bed6 BedRecordBedRecord with 6 fields.
Data Members
beginPositionBegin position on the reference. (BedRecord)
dataAny data after the last position. (BedRecord)
endPositionEnd position on the reference. (BedRecord)
INVALID_POSConstant for invalid positions. (BedRecord)
INVALID_REFIDConstant for invalid references. (BedRecord)
nameThe name of the interval (CharString). (Bed4 BedRecord)
refName of the interval's reference (CharString). (BedRecord)
rIDNumeric id of the interval's reference (__int32, defaults to INVALID_REFID). (BedRecord)
scoreThe score of the interval (stored as CharString to allow more flexible annotation).
Member Functions
BedRecordConstructor. (BedRecord)
clearReset BED record to state after default initialization. (BedRecord)
readRecordRead a record from a BedStream (BedRecord)
writeRecordWrite a record to a BedStream (BedRecord)
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