Class Specialization
Counting IdManager
Id Manager that just counts the number of ids in use.
Counting IdManager
IdManager<void, TSpec>
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The specializing type.
Metafunctions: Spec
Default: Default, see Default.
Specialization of
SpecThe spec of a class. (IdManager)
ValueType of the items in the container or behind an iterator. (IdManager)
getIdLowerBoundReturns the smallest distributed id. That is, the return value is guaranteed to be the smallest id obtained so far. (IdManager)
getIdUpperBoundReturns the largest distributed id plus 1. That is, the return value is guaranteed to be an upper bound on all distributed ids. (IdManager)
idCountDetermines the number of ids that were obtained. (IdManager)
idInUseChecks whether the given id is in use or not. (IdManager)
obtainIdObtains a new id from the id manager. (IdManager)
releaseAllReleases all ids handled by this id manager at once. (IdManager)
releaseIdReleases a given id so it can be redistributed later on. (IdManager)
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