Class Specialization
A type for ungapped, pairwise segment matches that may be in reverse orientation.
Fragment<TSize, ExactReversableFragment<TSpec> >
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The Size type of the underlying sequences.
Metafunctions: Size
The specializing type for the graph.
Metafunctions: Spec
Compared to the ExactFragment specialzing type of Fragment, a ExactReversableFragment stores an additional bool value to indicate whether a match is in reverse orientation or not.
Specialization of
Member Functions
fragmentBeginGets the begin position for this fragment or this vertex descriptor in the sequence. (Fragment)
fragmentLengthGets the length of the label of a given vertex descriptor in the sequence. (Fragment)
getProjectedPositionProjects a position of one sequence taking part in a pairwise match onto the other sequence. (Fragment)
isReversedReturns true if the segment match is in reverse orientation. (Fragment)
labelGets the label that is associated with this vertex descriptor or the sequence that is associated with a fragment. (Fragment)
matchRefinementRefines (i.e. cuts into smaller parts) a set of pairwise segment matches in such a way that none of the segments partly overlap. They are either identical (fully overlapping) or non-overlapping. (Fragment)
sequenceIdGets the sequence id that is associated with this vertex descriptor or with a sequence of a fragment. (Fragment)
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