Class Specialization
The Deferred Frequency Index (see Weese and Schulz, "Efficient string mining under constraints via the deferred frequency index").
Index<TText, IndexWotd< Dfi<TPredHull, TPred> > >
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The text type.
Types: String
An arbitrary frequency predicate
A monotonic hull of TPred
This index is based on a lazy suffix tree (see IndexWotd). All TPredHull sufficing nodes can be iterated using a TopDown Iterator. To iterate the exact solution set of TPred, use a Spec.TopDownHistory Iterator of this index.
Specialization of
FibreType of a specific container member (fibre). (Index)
SAValueThe default alphabet type of a suffix array, i.e. the type to store a position of a string or string set. (Index)
VertexDescriptorType of an object that represents a vertex descriptor. (IndexWotd)
beginReturns an iterator pointing to the root node of the virtual string tree/trie of an index. The only exception are Postorder iterators, where begin returns an iterator pointing to the leftmost node in the tree/trie.
clearResets an object. (Index)
countSequencesReturn the number of sequences in an index' underlying text. (Index)
endThe end of a container. (Index)
getFibreReturns a specific fibre of a container. (Index)
indexCreateCreates a specific Fibre. (Index)
indexRequireOn-demand creation of a specific Fibre. (Index)
indexSAShortcut for getFibre(.., FibreSA). (Index)
indexSuppliedReturns whether a specific Fibre is present. (Index)
indexTextShortcut for getFibre(index, FibreText()). (Index)
lengthThe number of characters in the underlying text of the index is returned. (Index)
openThis functions opens an index from disk. (Index)
resizeVertexMapInitializes a vertex map. (IndexWotd)
saveThis functions saves an index to disk. (Index)
setHaystackSets the haystack of a Finder object. (Index)
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