Class Specialization
Interval Tree Node
An Interval Tree Node that stores intervals explicitely in each node.
Interval Tree Node
IntervalTreeNode<TInterval, StoreIntervals>
Include Headers
The interval type to store in the node.
Specialization of
CargoType of additional data stored in an object. (IntervalTreeNode)
ListTypeType of lists in tree nodes. (IntervalTreeNode)
ValueType of the items in the container or behind an iterator. (IntervalTreeNode)
Data Members
centerThe center of the interval of type TValue. (IntervalTreeNode)
list1Sorted list of pointers to intervals, sorted in ascending according to their left boundary points. (IntervalTreeNode)
list2Sorted list of pointers to intervals, sorted in descending according to their right boundary points. (IntervalTreeNode)
Member Functions
IntervalTreeNodeDefault constructor. (IntervalTreeNode)
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