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Journaled Set
A string set storing the string as members. It can store a global reference sequence to which all members can be journaled if they are of type Journaled String.
StringSet<TString, Owner<JournaledSet> >
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The string type.
The strings are internally stored in a String<TString> object and the character position type is a Pair (seqNo,seqOfs) where seqNo identifies the string within the stringset and seqOfs identifies the position within this string.
The global reference is of type Host<TString>. Only strings of type Journaled String or Host<Journaled String> can be used for the advanced functionality supported by this string set.
createGlobalReferenceCreates the global reference of a Journaled Set.
globalReferenceReturns the global reference sequence of a Journaled Set.
joinJoins a Journaled String to a Journaled Set by computing and journaling differences to the global reference sequence.
setGlobalReferenceSets the global reference of a Journaled Set.
SeqAn - Sequence Analysis Library -

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