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Multi Pool Allocator
Allocator that pools memory blocks.
Multi Pool Allocator
Allocator MultiPool<ParentAllocator, BLOCKING_LIMIT> >
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An allocator that is by the pool allocator used to allocate memory.
Note: The multi pool allocator only supports clear if this function is also implemented for ParentAllocator.
The maximum size for memory blocks to be pooled.
Note that memory blocks larger than BLOCKING_LIMIT are not pooled but immediately allocated and deallocated using ParentAllocator.
Default: 256 Freed blocks are not immediately deallocated but recycled in subsequential allocations. This way, the number of calls to the heap manager is reduced, and that speeds up memory management.
A pool allocator allocates several memory blocks at once.
Specialization of
allocateAllocates memory from heap. (Allocator)
clearDeallocates all memory blocks. (Allocator)
deallocateDeallocates memory. (Allocator)
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