Class Specialization
Tristate Holder
Holder that can be empty, dependent, or owner.
Tristate Holder
Holder<TValue, Tristate>
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Type of the managed object.
A tristate holder A that holds an object B has one of the following states:
- owner: A is the owner of B. If A is destroyed, B will be destroyed automatically.
- dependent: A depends on B. B should not be destroyed as long as A is used.
- empty: there is currently no object reference stored in the holder A.
The state of the holder can be determined by empty and dependent.
If a holder object is in owner state when destructed, the owned object is destructed as well.
Specialization of
ReferenceReference type. (Holder)
SpecThe spec of a class. (Holder)
ValueType of the items in the container or behind an iterator. (Holder)
Member Functions
HolderConstructor (Holder)
assignAssigns one object to another object. (Holder)
assignValueAssigns value to item. (Holder)
clearResets an object. (Holder)
createMakes an object to owner of its content. (Holder)
dependentTest whether object depends on other objects. (Holder)
detachMakes an object independent from other objects. (Holder)
emptyTest a container for being empty. (Holder)
moveValueAssigns value to item. (Holder)
setValueMakes holder dependent. (Holder)
valueReference to the value. (Holder)
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