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A wavelet tree is a tree like binary encoding of a text.
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The value type of the wavelet tree.
The nodes of a wavelet tree consist of a bit string as well as a character c. In each level of the tree, characters smaller than c are represented as a 0 while character greater or equal to c are represented with a 1. The characters represented by a 0 form the string to be represented by the left subtree while characters represented by a 1 form the string of the right subtree. Therefore, only the bit string of the root node represents all characters while all other nodes represent subsets.
Specialization of
FibreType of a specific container member (fibre). (RankDictionary)
clearClears the rank dictionary. (RankDictionary)
countOccurrencesReturns the number of occurrences of a specified character from the start to a specified position. (RankDictionary)
createRankDictionaryThis functions creates the dictionary. (RankDictionary)
createSentinelRankDictionaryThis functions creates the dictionary structure. (RankDictionary)
emptyReturns whether or not the rank dictionary is empty. (RankDictionary)
getFibreReturns a specific fibre of a dictionary. (RankDictionary)
getSentinelSubstituteReturns the character used to substitute the sentinel sign. (RankDictionary)
getValueReturns the character of a specified position. (RankDictionary)
openThis functions loads a dictionary from disk. (RankDictionary)
saveThis functions saves a dictionary to disk. (RankDictionary)
setSentinelPositionSets the sentinel position.. (RankDictionary)
setSentinelSubstituteSets the character used to substitute the sentinel sign. (RankDictionary)
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