Class BufferedStream
Adds a buffer to another stream.

Implements StreamConcept
All Impl'd StreamConcept
Defined in <seqan/stream.h>
Signature template <typename TUnbufferedStream, TDirection> class BufferedStream;

Template Parameters

TUnbufferedStream The type of the unbuffered stream to wrap.
TDirection The stream direction, one of DirectionTags.

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Member Functions Detail

BufferedStream::BufferedStream(); BufferedStream::BufferedStream(unbufferedStream);

Default constructor and construction from to-be-wrapped unbuffered stream.


stream The to-be-wrapped stream.

void BufferedStream::setStream(stream);

Set the underlying stream to wrap.


stream The TUnbufferedStream to use.

void BufferedStream::setStreamBuf(streamBuf);

Set the stream buffer of the BufferedStream.


streamBuf The std::basic_streambuf<> to use.