Concept OutputIteratorConcept
Iterator that allows dereferenced writing.

Extends CopyConstructibleConcept, IteratorAssociatedTypesConcept
All Extended CopyConstructibleConcept, IteratorAssociatedTypesConcept
All Subcl's MutableForwardIteratorConcept, MutableRootedIteratorConcept
Defined in <seqan/basic.h>
Signature OutputIteratorConcept<T>

Detailed Description

The SeqAn iterators mirror the definitions from ConceptC++. *


In the following, x is an iterator to type X, t is a valid rvalue of type X.

The following expressions must be valid.

*x = t     // Dereference assignment.
++x        // Preincrement.
(void)x++  // Postincrement.
*x++ = t   // Postincrement and assign.

assignValue(x, t);

See Also

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Interface Functions Detail

void assignValue(it, value);


Use dereferencement and assignment instead.

Assigns value to iterator.


it The iterator to assign value to.
value A value that is assigned to the item it points to.

void goNext(it);

Iterates to next position.


it The iterator to increment.

This function is equivalent to ++iterator.

void moveValue(container, pos, value);

Move a value of a container to a given position.


container The container to manipulate.
pos The position of the item in the container to manipulate.
value The value to move to container[pos].

TIterator operator++(it)

C++ built-in prefix increment operator.


it The iterator to increment.


TIterator A copy of the original iterator.

TIterator operator++(it, i)

C++ built-in suffix increment operator.


it The iterator to increment.
i An integer, used to mark suffix decrement.


TIterator A copy of the original iterator.

void writeValue(iter, val);

Write a single value to a container by dereferencing its iterator.


iter The iterator to use for dereferenced writing.
val The value to write into the container.

If the host of iter is a ContainerConcept then container is resized to make space for the item.