Group File Formats
Tags for identifying file formats.

Grouped Tags Overview

Grouped Tags Detail


Identify the BAM format.

typedef Tag<TagGff_> Gff;

Tag for selecting the GFF format.

Both the GFF and the GTF file format are represented by GffRecord in SeqAn. Tags and functions in this group can be used for I/O of both formats to and from GffRecord objects.

typedef Tag<TagGtf_> Gtf;

Tag for selecting the GTF format.


Identify the SAM format.


Defined in
Tag for the simple .intervals file format. The file contains format in the format CHR:POS or CHR:BEGIN-END in 1-based coordinates.

typedef Tag<Ucsc_<UcscKnownGene_> > const Ucsc;

Defined in
UCSC Genome browser annotation file (aka knownGene format).

typedef Tag<Ucsc_<UcscIsoforms_> > const UcscIsoforms;

Defined in
UCSC Genome browser isoform file (aka knownIsoforms format).

typedef Tag<Vcf_> Vcf;

Defined in
Variant callinf format file.