SeqAn3  3.0.3
The Modern C++ library for sequence analysis.
fm_index.hpp File Reference

Provides the unidirectional seqan3::fm_index. More...

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class  seqan3::fm_index< alphabet_t, text_layout_mode_, sdsl_index_type_ >
 The SeqAn FM Index. More...
struct  seqan3::detail::fm_index_validator
 Class used to validate the requirements on the input text of the fm_index. More...
class  seqan3::detail::reverse_fm_index< alphabet_t, text_layout_mode, sdsl_index_type >
 An FM Index specialisation that handles reversing the given text. More...


 The main SeqAn3 namespace.
 The internal SeqAn3 namespace.


using seqan3::default_sdsl_index_type = sdsl_wt_index_type
 The default FM Index Configuration. More...
using seqan3::sdsl_wt_index_type = sdsl::csa_wt< sdsl::wt_blcd< sdsl::bit_vector, sdsl::rank_support_v<>, sdsl::select_support_scan<>, sdsl::select_support_scan< 0 > >, 16, 10 '000 '000, sdsl::sa_order_sa_sampling<>, sdsl::isa_sampling<>, sdsl::plain_byte_alphabet >
 The FM Index Configuration using a Wavelet Tree. More...


Template argument type deduction guides
template<std::ranges::range text_t>
 seqan3::fm_index (text_t &&) -> fm_index< range_innermost_value_t< text_t >, text_layout
 Deduces the alphabet and dimensions of the text.

Detailed Description

Provides the unidirectional seqan3::fm_index.

Christopher Pockrandt <christopher.pockrandt AT>