SeqAn3  3.0.3
The Modern C++ library for sequence analysis.

Data structures for computing banded sequence alignments. More...

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class  seqan3::static_band
 [DEPRECATED] Data structure for a static band. More...

Detailed Description

Data structures for computing banded sequence alignments.

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SeqAn offers the computation of banded alignments to reduce the running time of the algorithm. This can be helpful if the region in which the optimal alignment exists is known a priori. To specify the banded alignment the developer can use the seqan3::align_cfg::band_fixed_size option. This band configuration is initialised with a seqan3::align_cfg::lower_diagonal and a seqan3::align_cfg::upper_diagonal. The upper diagonal must always be greater than or equal to the lower diagonal. To choose the correct band parameters, imagine a matrix with the first sequence written on top and the second sequence along the left vertical side. A negative value reflects a start of the diagonal within the vertical part, while a positive value implies a start within the top part of this matrix at the respective position.

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