The Modern C++ library for Sequence Analysis in Bioinformatics.
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 all.hppMeta-header for the alignment module
 exception.hppIncludes customized exception types for the alignment module
 all.hppMeta-header for the alphabet module
 concept.hppCore alphabet concept and free function/metafunction wrappers
 concept_pre.hppSeqan3::Alphabet metafunction base classes
 exception.hppExceptions thrown by entities in the alphabet module
 all.hppMeta-Header for the argument parser module
 argument_parser.hppContains seqan3::argument_parser class
 auxiliary.hppContains auxiliary information
 exceptions.hppContains parser related exceptions
 validators.hppContains some standard validators for (positional) options
 add_enum_bitwise_operators.hppProvides seqan3::add_enum_bitwise_operators
 all.hppMeta-header for the core module
 bit_manipulation.hppProvides utility functions for bit twiddling
 platform.hppContains platform and dependency checks
 pod_tuple.hppContains seqan3::pod_tuple
 tuple_utility.hppProvides utility functions for tuple like interfaces
 type_list.hppProvides seqan3::type_list and auxiliary metafunctions
 all.hppMeta-header for all IO related functionality
 exception.hppProvides exceptions used in the I/O module
 record.hppProvides the seqan3::record template and the seqan3::field enum
 all.hppMeta-header for the range module
 concept.hppAdditional non-standard concepts for ranges
 shortcuts.hppContains various shortcuts for common std::ranges functions
 all.hppMeta-header for the search module
 charconvProvides std::from_chars and std::to_chars if not defined in the stl <charconv> header
 charconv_detail.hppProvides LLVM's implementation of std::from_chars and std::to_chars for integral types and a custom solution for floating points types
 conceptsThe Concepts library
 filesystemThis header includes C++17 filesystem support and imports it into namespace seqan3::filesystem (independent of whether it is marked as "experimental")
 iteratorProvides C++20 additions to the <iterator> header
 rangesAdaptations of concepts from the Ranges TS
 spanProvides std::span from the C++20 standard library
 type_traitsProvides C++20 additions to the type_traits header
 version.hppContains SeqAn version macros and global variables