The Modern C++ library for Sequence Analysis in Bioinformatics.
API Reference (Modules)
Here is a list of all modules:
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 AlignmentContains alignment functionality
 Aligned SequenceProvides seqan3::AlignedSequence, as well as various ranges that model it
 BandData structures for computing banded sequence alignments
 MatrixProvides data structures for representing alignment coordinates and alignments as a matrix
 PairwiseProvides the algorithmic components for the computation of pairwise alignments
 ExecutionProvides execution handler and executors for pairwise alignments
 Alignment policiesProvides policies for the alignment algorithm
 ScoringProvides the data structures used for scoring alphabets and sequences
 AdaptationContains alphabet adaptions of some standard char and uint types
 AminoacidContains the amino acid alphabets and functionality for translation from nucleotide
 CompositionProvides data structures joining multiple alphabets into a single alphabet
 GapContains the gap alphabet and functionality to make an alphabet a gapped alphabet
 MaskContains the mask alphabet and functionality for creating masked compositions
 NucleotideContains the different DNA and RNA alphabet types
 QualityContains the various quality score types
 StructureThe structure module contains alphabets for RNA and protein structure
 Argument ParserThe Argument Parser Module
 CoreContains core functionality used by multiple modules
 AlgorithmContains core functionality used to configure algorithms
 ConceptAdditional concepts that are not specific to a SeqAn3 module
 MetafunctionProvide various metafunctions
 SimdThe simd module contains a unified interface to provide simd types and functions used in seqan3
 IOThe IO module contains concepts, data structures and functions related to reading and writing formatted files, streams, and serialisation
 Alignment File
 Sequence File
 StreamThe stream sub-module contains data structures and functions for streaming and tokenization
 Structure FileProvides reading and writing of files that contain structured sequences in various formats
 RangeThe range module provides general purpose containers, decorators and views
 ContainerThe container submodule contains special SeqAn3 containers and generic container concepts
 DecoratorThe decorator submodule contains special SeqAn3 decorators and generic decorator concepts
 ViewViews are "lazy range combinators" that offer modified views onto other ranges
 ConfigurationData structures and utility functions for configuring search algorithm
 FM Index
 stdA subset of the C++20 standard library, either aliased directly from the standard library or (if not available) implemented via the range-v3 library
 charconvThe <charconv> header from C++17's standard library
 conceptsThe <concepts> header from C++20's standard library
 iteratorThe <iterator> header from C++20's standard library
 rangesThe <ranges> header from C++20's standard library
 type_traitsThe <concepts> header from C++20's standard library