Class AlignQualityStoreElement
Stores the alignment qualities.

Defined in <seqan/store.h>
Signature template <typename TScore[, typename TSpec]> struct AlignQualityStoreElement;

Template Parameters

TScore Type to store align and pair score values.
TSpec The specializing type. Default: void.

Member Function Overview

Member Variable Overview

Detailed Description

Value type of alignQualityStore string.

Member Functions Detail


Constructor, sets all members to 0.

Data Races

If not stated otherwise, concurrent invocation is not guaranteed to be thread-safe.

Member Variables Detail

TCount AlignQualityStoreElement::errors

Absolute number of errors in the alignment (unsigned char).

TScore AlignQualityStoreElement::pairScore

Combined score of both alignmetns and pair match.

TScore AlignQualityStoreElement::score

Score of the alignment.