Class BlastReport
Support for Blast default file format

Defined in <seqan/blast.h>
Signature typedef Tag<BlastReport_> BlastReport;

Detailed Description

There are three blast format related tags in SeqAn:

  • BlastReport with the FormattedFile output specialization BlastReportFileOut
  • BlastTabular with the FormattedFile output and input specializations BlastTabularFileOut and BlastTabularFileIn
  • BlastTabularLL which provides light-weight, but very basic tabular IO
  • This is the first tag, it represents support for Blast's default file format (blastall -m 0 / blast* -outfmt 0). Only support for writing is available, see the example below.

    The reference Blast implementation used for developing the SeqAn support is NCBI Blast+ 2.2.26. In contrast to the tabular format there is no support for writing legacy files (without the +).

    See BlastReportFileOut for more details.