Class ContainerView
Generates a non-resizable view over a container.

Implements ContainerConcept
All Subcl's ResizableContainerView, ZipContainerView
All Impl'd AssignableConcept, ContainerConcept, DestructibleConcept
Defined in <seqan/sequence.h>
Signature template <TContainer, typename TSpec> class ContainerView<TContainer, TSpec>

Template Parameters

TContainer The container type to create the view for.
TSpec The specialization type. Defaults to void.

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Detailed Description

A ContainerView is a lightweight data structure storing only a begin and end pointer to an underlying container. The view can represent any range between the global begin and end of the contaniner. The view itself implements the ContainerConcept. The default implementation however is not resizable. The ResizableContainerView supports resizing of the view, but must not change the capacity of the underlying container.

Interface Functions Detail

ContainerView(); ContainerView(TOtherContainer & cont); ContainerView(TOtherContainer const & cont); ContainerView(TIterator const & begin, TIterator const & end);

The constructor.


cont Another container to copy from.
begin An iterator pointing to the beginning of the view.
end An iterator pointing to the end of the view.

Data Races

If not stated otherwise, concurrent invocation is not guaranteed to be thread-safe.