fn() stringToStringSet
Transform a String into a StringSet containing this String.

Defined in <seqan/alignment_free.h>
Signature void stringToStringSet(stringSet, string); void stringToStringSet(dnaStringSet, dna5String);


stringSet StringSet to create with one sequence.
string String to create the string set of.
dnaStringSet StringSet of Strings over the alphabet Dna.
dna5String String over the alphabet Dna5 to convert.

Detailed Description


The second variant removes all N characters from the Dna5String.


Transform a masked DNA sequence into a set of sequences with all masked parts removed.

using namespace seqan;
Dna5String sequenceDna5 =
StringSet<DnaString> sequencesDna;
stringToStringSet(sequencesDna, sequenceDna5);
// Print the masked sequence
// Print the sequence with the masked parts removed
for(unsigned i = 0; i < length(sequencesDna); ++i)
// sequencesDna[0] = "TTTCCGAAAAGTA"
// sequencesDna[1] = "GCAACTTTA"
// sequencesDna[3] = "TG"

Data Races

If not stated otherwise, concurrent invocation is not guaranteed to be thread-safe.

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