Spec Mums Iterator
Iterator to search for all maximum unique matches.

Extends BottomUpIterator
All Extended BottomUpIterator, Iter, VSTreeIterator
All Impl'd CopyConstructibleConcept, DefaultConstructibleConcept, EqualityComparableConcept, ForwardIteratorConcept, InputIteratorConcept, IteratorAssociatedTypesConcept
Defined in <seqan/index.h>
Signature Iterator<TContainer, Mums>::Type; template <typename TContainer> class Iter<TContainer, VSTree< BottomUp<Mums> > >;

Template Parameters

TContainer Type of an index that can be iterated with a bottom-up iterator. Types: IndexEsa

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Detailed Description


Instead of using the class Iter directly we recommend to use the result of the metafunction Iterator<TContainer, Mums>::Type (which is Iter<TContainer, VSTree< BottomUp<Mums> > >).

Member Functions Detail

Iter::Iter(index[, minLength]); Iter::Iter(iterator);

The constructor.


index The index to be used for the iteration. Types: IndexEsa
minLength Minimum length of the supermaximal repeats, default value is 1.
iterator Another MultiMems iterator. Types: MultiMemsIterator

Data Races

If not stated otherwise, concurrent invocation is not guaranteed to be thread-safe.