Tag Murphy10
Specialization for ReducedAminoAcid#

Defined in seqan/reduced_aminoacid.h
Signature typedef Murphy10 Tag<Murphy10_>;

Detailed Description

This is the 10-character reduction defined by Murphy et al, 2000, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10775656

This alphabet is used by many tools, e.g. Rapsearch2, Lambda, UBlast.

Since it was created from the 20-letter alphabet the clusters in SeqAn are not identical (they contain more symbols). This is the clustering:

'A', // A O U X
  'B', // B D E N Q Z
  'C', // C
  'F', // F W Y *
  'G', // G
  'H', // H
  'I', // I J L M V
  'K', // K R
  'P', // P
  'S'  // S T