SeqAn3  3.0.1
The Modern C++ library for sequence analysis.
type_traits Directory Reference
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file  all.hpp [code]
 Provides various type traits.
file  basic.hpp [code]
 Provides various type traits on generic types.
file  concept.hpp [code]
 Provides the concepts seqan3::transformation_trait and seqan3::unary_type_trait.
file  deferred_crtp_base.hpp [code]
 Provides seqan3::detail::deferred_crtp_base.
file  function.hpp [code]
 Provides various type traits for use on functions.
file  iterator.hpp [code]
 Provides various transformation traits for use on iterators.
file  lazy.hpp [code]
 Provides lazy template instantiation traits.
file  pack.hpp [code]
 Provides unary type traits on a set of types, usually provided as template argument pack.
file  pre.hpp [code]
 Provides various transformation trait base templates and shortcuts.
file  range.hpp [code]
 Provides various transformation traits used by the range module.
file  template_inspection.hpp [code]
 Provides seqan3::type_list and auxiliary type traits.
file  transformation_trait_or.hpp [code]
 Provides seqan3::detail::transformation_trait_or.