SeqAn3  3.0.1
The Modern C++ library for sequence analysis.
sequence_file Directory Reference
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file  all.hpp [code]
 Meta-include for the sequence IO submodule.
file  format_embl.hpp [code]
file  format_fasta.hpp [code]
file  format_fastq.hpp [code]
file  format_genbank.hpp [code]
 Provides the seqan3::sequence_file_format_genbank class.
file  input.hpp [code]
 Provides seqan3::sequence_file_input and corresponding traits classes.
file  input_format_concept.hpp [code]
 Provides seqan3::sequence_file_input_format and auxiliary classes.
file  input_options.hpp [code]
 Provides seqan3::sequence_file_input_options.
file  output.hpp [code]
 Provides seqan3::sequence_file_output and corresponding traits classes.
file  output_format_concept.hpp [code]
 Provides seqan3::SequenceFileFormatOut and auxiliary classes.
file  output_options.hpp [code]
 Provides seqan3::sequence_file_output_options.