SeqAn3  3.0.1
The Modern C++ library for sequence analysis.
misc.hpp File Reference

Provides helper data structures for the seqan3::alignment_file_output. More...

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struct  seqan3::ref_info_not_given
 Type tag which indicates that no reference information has been passed to the alignment file on construction. More...


 The main SeqAn3 namespace.


enum  seqan3::sam_flag : uint16_t {
  seqan3::sam_flag::none = 0, seqan3::sam_flag::paired = 0x1, seqan3::sam_flag::proper_pair = 0x2, seqan3::sam_flag::unmapped = 0x4,
  seqan3::sam_flag::mate_unmapped = 0x8, seqan3::sam_flag::on_reverse_strand = 0x10, seqan3::sam_flag::mate_on_reverse_strand = 0x20, seqan3::sam_flag::first_in_pair = 0x40,
  seqan3::sam_flag::second_in_pair = 0x80, seqan3::sam_flag::secondary_alignment = 0x100, seqan3::sam_flag::failed_filter = 0x200, seqan3::sam_flag::duplicate = 0x400,
  seqan3::sam_flag::supplementary_alignment = 0x800
 An enum flag that describes the properties of an aligned read (given as a SAM record). More...


constexpr bool seqan3::add_enum_bitwise_operators< sam_flag > = true
 Enables bitwise operations for seqan3::sam_flags.

Detailed Description

Provides helper data structures for the seqan3::alignment_file_output.

Svenja Mehringer <svenja.mehringer AT>