SeqAn3  3.0.3
The Modern C++ library for sequence analysis.
seqan3::static_band Class Reference

[DEPRECATED] Data structure for a static band. More...

#include <seqan3/alignment/band/static_band.hpp>

Public Member Functions

constexpr static_bandoperator= (static_band &&) noexcept=default
constexpr static_bandoperator= (static_band const &) noexcept=default
constexpr static_band () noexcept=default
template<std::integral input_value_t>
constexpr static_band (lower_bound< input_value_t > const lower, upper_bound< input_value_t > const upper)
 Construction from seqan3::lower_bound and seqan3::upper_bound. More...
constexpr static_band (static_band &&) noexcept=default
constexpr static_band (static_band const &) noexcept=default
 ~static_band () noexcept=default

Public Attributes

int64_t lower_bound {std::numeric_limits<int64_t>::lowest()}
 The data member storing the lower boundary of the band.
int64_t upper_bound {std::numeric_limits<int64_t>::max()}
 The data member storing the upper boundary of the band.

Detailed Description

[DEPRECATED] Data structure for a static band.

use seqan3::align_cfg::band_fixed_size instead.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ static_band()

template<std::integral input_value_t>
constexpr seqan3::static_band::static_band ( lower_bound< input_value_t > const  lower,
upper_bound< input_value_t > const  upper 

Construction from seqan3::lower_bound and seqan3::upper_bound.

Template Parameters
input_value_tThe input type of the lower and upper band boundaries.
std::invalid_argumentif upper < lower.

The boundaries denote the maximum allowed inbalance of insertions and deletions in the alignment. For a symmetric band, choose lower = -upper. The upper boundary must not be smaller than the lower boundary.

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