SeqAn3 3.3.0-rc.1
The Modern C++ library for sequence analysis.
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file  core/detail/all.hpp [code]
 Meta-header for implementation details in the core module.
file  all_view.hpp [code]
 Provides seqan3::detail::all.
file  copyable_wrapper.hpp [code]
 Provides seqan3::detail::copyable_wrapper.
file  customisation_point.hpp [code]
 Helper utilities for defining customisation point objects (CPOs).
file  deferred_crtp_base.hpp [code]
 Provides seqan3::detail::deferred_crtp_base.
file  empty_type.hpp [code]
 Provides seqan3::detail::empty_type.
file  is_class_template_declarable.hpp [code]
 Provides a type trait for verifying valid template declarations.
file  iterator_traits.hpp [code]
 Provides various transformation traits for use on iterators.
file  strong_type.hpp [code]
 Provides basic data structure for strong types.
file  template_inspection.hpp [code]
 Provides type traits for working with templates.
file  test_accessor.hpp [code]
 Forward declares seqan3::detail::test_accessor.
file  transfer_type_modifier_onto.hpp [code]
 Provides type traits seqan3::detail::transfer_type_modifier_onto.