SeqAn3 3.1.0
The Modern C++ library for sequence analysis.

Provides (semi-)alphabets for representing elements in CIGAR strings. More...

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class  seqan3::cigar
 The seqan3::cigar semialphabet pairs a counter with a seqan3::cigar::operation letter. More...

Detailed Description

Provides (semi-)alphabets for representing elements in CIGAR strings.

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CIGAR strings are combinations of count values and CIGAR operations, representing an alignment as a sequence of edit operations. This submodule has two different alphabets. One is the seqan3::cigar::operation alphabet, which is a base seqan3::alphabet implementation. This contains all valid symbols contained in CIGAR strings. The other alphabet is the seqan3::cigar alphabet, which is an alphabet tuple. It combines the seqan3::cigar::operation alphabet with a count value, such that one can represent an entire CIGAR string with a std::vector of seqan3::cigar values.

The following table outlines the valid characters in the seqan3::cigar::operation alphabet.

OP Description
M Alignment match (can be a sequence match or mismatch, used only in basic CIGAR representations)
I Insertion to the reference
D Deletion from the reference
N Skipped region from the reference
S Soft clipping (clipped sequences present in seqan3::sam_record::sequence)
H Hard clipping (clipped sequences NOT present in seqan3::sam_record::sequence)
P Padding (silent deletion from padded reference)
= Sequence match
X Sequence mismatch