Holds the haystack and a current search context.
Finder<THaystack[, TSpec]>
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The haystack type.
Types: Index, String
The index-algorithm to search with (Optional).
Default: The result of DefaultFinder
Remarks: Leave empty for online pattern matching (see Pattern).
If THaystack is an Index, then TSpec specifies the index search algorithm.
position(finder) returns the position of the current hit in the haystack. If THaystack is a set of strings or an index of a set of strings, then position(finder) returns a Pair (hayNo, pos), in which hayNo is the haystack index and pos the local position of the hit.
Use clear(finder) to reset a finder object and search from the beginning.
SwiftProvides a fast filter alogrithm that guarantees to find all regions overlapping with potential ε-matches. An ε-match is a matching region of minimal length and an error rate of at most ε.
ContainerType of the container given an iterator.
DifferenceType of an object that stores the difference between two iterators.
HaystackReturns the haystack type of a Finder type.
HostType of the object a given object depends on.
IteratorType of iterator objects that are used to traverse the container.
ValueType of the items in the container.
Member Functions
beginThe begin of a container.
beginPositionBegin position of object in host.
clearResets an object.
endThe end of a container.
endPositionEnd position of object in host.
findSearch for a Pattern in a Finder object.
findBeginSearch the begin of an approximate match.
haystackReturns the haystack of a Finder object.
infixCreates infix object.
lengthThe number of items/characters.
positionPosition of an iterator.
setHaystackSets the haystack of a Finder object.
SeqAn - Sequence Analysis Library -

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