Holds a collection of objects of a specific type, where each object represents the frequency (absolute or relative probability) of a particular residue which is a member of a fixed sequence alphabet.
FrequencyDistribution<TValue[, TSpec]>
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The type of sequence which is considered.
Metafunctions: Value
Types: AminoAcid, Dna
The type of probability distribution.
Metafunctions: Spec
Default: double
Remarks: It is preferable to use double.
The number of objects in FrequencyDistribution equals the size of the sequence alphabet.
IteratorType of iterator objects that are used to traverse the container.
PositionType of an object that represents a position in a container.
SizeType of an object that is suitable to hold size information.
SpecThe spec of a class.
ValueType of the items in the container.
absFreqOfLettersInSeqCounts the number of times each residue of a fixed sequence alphabet occurs in a given sequence.
absFreqOfLettersInSetOfSeqsCounts the number of times each residue of a fixed sequence alphabet occurs in a given set of sequences.
addValueAdds a value of a specific type to each element of a given FrequencyDistribution object.
backgroundFrequencyDetermines the background letter frequencies in a given dataset
beginThe begin of a container.
clearResets an object.
completeProfileConcatenates the background frequency with the profile for the motif component.
convertResidueToFrequencyDistCoverts a residue to a frequency distribution (profile).
endThe end of a container.
lengthThe number of items/characters.
logarithmizeLogarithmizes each element of a given FrequencyDistribution object.
normalizeDetermines the normalized frequencies.
posOfMaxDetermines the residue position in a given FrequencyDistribution object with the maximum frequency.
sumDetermines the sum of all frequencies in a given FrequencyDistribution object.
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