Class AlignmentStats
Statistics about a tabular alignment.

Defined in <seqan/align.h>
Signature struct AlignmentStats;

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All members are initialized to 0.

Interface Functions Detail

void clear(stats);

Resets all members to 0.


stats AlignmentStats object to clear.

Member Variables Detail

int AlignmentStats::alignmentScore

The resulting alignment score.

unsigned AlignmentStats::numGapExtensions

Number of gap extension events.

unsigned AlignmentStats::numGapOpens

Number of gap open events.

unsigned AlignmentStats::numMatches

Number of match (identity) events.

unsigned AlignmentStats::numMismatches

Number of mismatch (not identity) events.

unsigned AlignmentStats::numNegativeScores

Number of residues aligned with negative score.

unsigned AlignmentStats::numPositiveScores

Number of residues aligned with positive score (0 is counted as positive).