Class BamHeaderRecord
Represents a header entry in a SAM file or the header section of the BAM header.

Defined in <seqan/bam_io.h>
Signature class BamHeaderRecord;

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Detailed Description


Comment records are stored with one tag where the key is empty and the value is the comment.

Member Functions Detail



Only the default constructor is provided.

void clear(record);

Clear BamHeaderRecord object.


record The record to clear.

bool getTagValue(tagValue, idx, record); bool getTagValue(tagValue, key, record);

Return tag value from a BamHeaderRecord.


tagValue The CharString to write the tag value to.
idx An integer with the index of the tag in the header record.
key A two-letter sequence with the key of the tag in the header record.


bool true in case the value could be retrieved, false otherwise.


CharString tagValue;
bool keyFound = getTagValue(tagValue, "SN", record);

void setTagValue(idx, value, record); void setTagValue(key, value, record);

Sets the value of a tag in a BamHeaderRecord.


idx The index of the tag in the header record to set the value for.
key The name of the tag (two-letter sequence) to set.
record The header record to set the value for.

Member Typedef Detail


Type of the tag keys (Pair of TTagName and TTagValue).


Type of the tag keys (CharString).


Type of the tags string (AllocString of TTag).


Type of the tag values (CharString).

Member Variables Detail

TRecordString BamHeaderRecord::tags

The header record's tags, of type TTags.

BamHeaderRecordType BamHeaderRecord::type

Type of the record.