Class ContigStoreElement
Represents a single contig.

Defined in <seqan/store.h>
Signature template <typename TContigSeq, typename TGapAnchor[, typename TSpec]> class ContigStoreElement;

Template Parameters

TContigSeq Type to store the contig sequence.
TGapAnchor Type of the GapAnchor.
TSpec Specializing type. Default: void.

Member Function Overview

Member Typedef Overview

Member Variable Overview

Detailed Description

Value type of the contigStore string.

Member Functions Detail



Set fileId to INVALID_ID and usage, fileBeginPos, fileEndPos to 0.

Member Typedef Detail

typedef (...) ContigStoreElement::TContigSeq;

Type fo the seq member.

typedef (...) ContigStoreElement::TGapAnchors;

Type of the gaps member.

typedef (...) ContigStoreElement::TPos;

Type of the fileBeginPos and fileEndPos emmbers.

typedef (...) ContigStoreElement::TSpec;

The specializing type.

Member Variables Detail

TPos ContigStoreElement::fileBeginPos

Begin position of the contig sequence fragment in the file.

TPos ContigStoreElement::fileEndPos

End position of the contig sequence fragment in the file.

TId ContigStoreElement::fileId

Refers to a file in the contigFileStore or is INVALID_ID if the contig has no file association.

TGaps ContigStoreElement::gaps

String of contig GapAnchor objects. CAn be used to create a AnchorGaps alignment row.

TId ContigStoreElement::INVALID_ID

Constant to represent an invalid.

TContigSeq ContigStoreElement::seq

Contig sequence.

unsigned ContigStoreElement::usage

Count the number of locks.