Class DefaultSeedConfig
Default configuration for seeds without score.

Defined in <seqan/seeds.h>
Signature struct DefaultSeedConfig.

Member Typedef Overview

Detailed Description

The default definition is as follows. You use this as a blueprint for your own TConfig struct for a Seed or SeedSet class.

struct DefaultSeedConfig
    typedef size_t TPosition;
    typedef size_t TSize;
    typedef MakeSigned_<size_t>::Type TDiagonal;
    typedef int TScoreValue;

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Member Typedef Detail

(...) DefaultSeedConfig::TDiagonal;

Type to use for diagonals (signed version of TSize).

size_t DefaultSeedConfig::TPosition;

Position type to use in the seed.

int DefaultSeedConfig::TScoreValue;

Type to use for storing score values.

size_t DefaultSeedConfig::TSize;

Size type to use in the seed.