Class ExternalConfigLarge
Large size type configuration for the ExternalString.

Defined in <seqan/file.h>
Signature template <[typename TFile[, unsigned PAGE_SIZE[, unsigned FRAMES]]> struct ExternalConfigLarge;

Template Parameters

TFile The File type to use. Default: File<>.
PAGE_SIZE The number of values in one page. This should be a power of 2 to speed up transfer and calculations. Default: 220.
FRAMES The number of pages that should reside in internal memory. To enable prefetching and automatic swap-out, frames should be greater than 1. Default: 2.

Detailed Description


When using this configuration ,th eSize type o fthe ExternalString is Size type of TFile. Normally, this is a 64 bit integer. For a smaller size type use ExternalConfig.

Some data structures store size types values (e.g. suffix arrays in indices). To save memory, you should think o fusing ExternalConfig.

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