Class LibraryStoreElement
Represents a fragment library.

Defined in <seqan/store.h>
Signature template <[typename TMean[, typename TStd[, typename TSpec]]]> struct LibraryStoreElement;

Template Parameters

TMean The type to use for storing library size means. Default: double.
TStd The type to use for storing library size standard deviations. Default: double.
TSpec The specializing type. Default: void.

Member Function Overview

Member Variable Overview

Detailed Description

Value type of the libraryStore string.

A fragment library is a set of mate pairs having a certain distribution of insert sizes.

Member Functions Detail



Initializes all members to 0.

Member Variables Detail

TMean LibraryStoreElement::mean

The library size mean.

TStd LibraryStoreElement::std

The library size standard deviation.