Class LimitRecordReaderInScope
Manipulates a RecordReader -Object so that it operates only on the first buffer

Defined in <seqan/seq_io.h>
Signature template <typename TStream, typename TSpec> class LimitRecordReaderInScope;

Template Parameters

TSpec The specialization of the RecordReader.
TStream The StreamConcept of the RecordReader.

Detailed Description

This class is intended for situations, where you do not wish the RecordReader to rebuffer and where you wish to return to the original reading position after reading, e.g. when detecting the file format of the stream.

It is used by passing the RecordReader-object on construction (this already does the necessary changes in the RecordReader). Upon deconstruction of this object, the RecordReader is reset to its original state, including all iterators.

This works on all RecordReader-objects, independent of the underlying stream- object. It also works if the underlying stream does not support seeking.

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